Half Marathon Mama!

Half Marathon Mama!
SBI Half Marathon, November 10, 2012

Friday, January 18, 2013

Runner Girl gets her groove back...

I was in a major slump the last couple of weeks. Every time I tried to go out to run, I felt so sluggish, cold, and downright SLOW. Wasn't fun. So, I decided to just go with it and take a break. I had even finally got my new Garmin, aka 'Gustavo', and I still couldn't find my 'ganas' to run fast OR long. I decided that I needed to change my route and try some new scenery.

I live in Santa Barbara!!!! I need to be running by the beach! I usually just head out my door and run the neighborhood (for time and convenience factors) but on Thursday, I drove the five minutes to the waterfront and took off. It was a beautiful, clear day and I was feeling amazing. Just what I needed. The first mile went by so fast because I was just enjoying the new course. I planned to run four but pushed it to a 10K because it was such a perfect morning.

I'm always wanting to go for really long runs but with our schedule and the kids, it's hard to fit it in. I just need to appreciate the miles I am able to log and just enjoy the beautiful area we live in.
Glad I got my groove back! Heading out again this weekend :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ok, I have so much to write about but all I have to say today is:

Downton Abbey


Can't hardly wait...