Half Marathon Mama!

Half Marathon Mama!
SBI Half Marathon, November 10, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 4-Miler

Ready to Roll!
I signed up to run a race on Thanksgiving. A perfect way to start the day and to burn enough calories to enjoy the huge meal I would be consuming later and I'm always happy to add another bib to my collection! I really had no expectations for my time but hoped to see some improvement. I've been feeling some pain in my left foot/ankle so I wasn't sure how it would hold up.

I was more calm before this race and we piled the kids into the van and stopped for donuts on the way. I'm glad we didn't rush because the line for PRE-registered runners was waaaaaay too long. I knew the organization would be more relaxed than at other races but this was ridiculous. Four outhouses for the entire race (close to 1000 people) and no one even knew where the start line was! It was a mob but I ended up running into a few girls I played softball and basketball with growing up...after talking over the finer points of their Garmin watches (I WANT one!) they started the race 20 minutes late. I felt good from the beginning and tried to find a spot and set my pace among the masses. I hit the one mile mark and heard my Nike App voice say a time with a 7 at the start of it...whaaaaaaa? I almost choked! I was running super fast even with a sore ankle! I kept going and saw my hubby and kiddos a little on down the path. High fives all around! Seeing my peeps always gives me a surge of energy.

The bike path was pretty congested and the turn around spot was a joke...AND the two-mile water station promised never materialized....whaaaaaat? Not cool! But I made the best of it and kept truckin....saw my babies one more time on my way back and was feeling speedy (for me)! I came around to the finish stretch and was stoked to see the time clock. I finished at 30:25...a great time for me. I love this thing I have rediscovered and can't get enough!!!
Ready for the next race :)

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